We had been planning for years to devote an edition of the FIRE!! Festival to one of the most vulnerable groups in the LGBTI community: young people, boys and girls who suffer, from a very early age,.... (Read + )

Joako Ezpeleta,
Co-director of Mostra FIRE!!
Joako Ezpeleta
Co-founder of the International Festival of Benicàssim, journalist and cultural manager, director of the radio and television show " Viaje a los Sueños Polares " for many years and editor of "Spiral" Magazine. Currently, he coordinates and produces exhibitions and cultural projects.
Antoine Leonetti
Cultural Manager, PhD in Law, production manager of the Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival, he collaborates at the Valsáin Foundation for the promotion of democratic values. He is the author of studies on the cultural education and also writes for the Swiss art magazine "Art Passions".
Image & web development
Studio dedicated to visual communication, graphic design & web, digital marketing, ecommerce and video.
Jorge Vañó
short films coordinator
Degree in audio-visual communication. Master degree in filmmaking at ESCAC. Specialised in direction and writing, he is currently working as a programmer of VOD (video on demand) contents..
Jonás Torres
communication and production assistant
Producer, with a degree in audio-visual communication, he is the founder of communications agency Play On Barcelona embodying different projects in communication, events organization, and community management.
Erle Gutiérrez
Erle works in the advertising sector and lives in Barcelona. As a music, comic books and cinema lover, if she could find a gate directly to the past, she would travel to the 50ies… or the 80ies… depending on the movie she would like to be in. Her project: to be a screenwriter.

Gregorio Soria
graphic image
Graphic and Audiovisual Designer, he has worked mainly in the cultural sector and specifically for the record industry. He has created dozens of album covers. Among his Spanish clients we can highlight La Casa Azul, Elefant Records, Naïve, Rock de Lux, CD Drome, 40 Principales, Stop Sida and many more. He has also worked for companies from Japan, Norway, Korea, Germany, and the U.K. He has also his own record company named Annika.  
La costa
press and communication
La Costa Comunicación is a communication agency set up in Barcelona by Sandra Costa in 2008… in the middle of the recession! Since then, Sandra has built up a solid business, gradually making a name for herself and working on all sorts of different projects, reflecting the identify of a fearless agency that is always looking for something new. La Costa Comunicación has been engaged in many spheres of activity: culture, fashion, food and drink, branding and so on. The Costa team love projects driven by enthusiasts with a story to tell. Their own story.
Daniel Compte
Graduated in Communication. He has worked in TV, radio and theater production, for companies such as TV3-El Terrat, Rac1, RAC105, Grup Balaña and Ovideo TV. Since quite a few years now, he works as a Communication Manager in La Cubana Theater Company. He also regularly collaborates with young film directors in short films and webseries.
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> To all we could have forgotten..
> To all the public that supports us all year long..

We had been planning for years to devote an edition of the FIRE!! Festival to one of the most vulnerable groups in the LGBTI community: young people, boys and girls who suffer, from a very early age, not only the inner turmoil of knowing they are different from the others, but also the failure to understand them by their own family and school environments, two vital pillars in the first years of any human being.

Finally, this year we are doing just that, with graphics and ads devoted to the young and, above all, with extraordinary films that approach the theme from multiple points of view. In some cases, we show the full acceptance and normality of families who are lucky enough to understand the sexual and gender diversity of their children and can accompany them in their complex processes of seeking acceptance and transformation, in the case of transsexuality.

Unfortunately, other cases are not so positive, as we can see in films that reveal the homophobia and transphobia that is latent in many families and schools. It is important to understand these realities, which occur in so many countries around the world, as well as in different environments, such as sport, an area we focus on particularly this year and where homophobia is a widespread problem.

FIRE!! has always paid particular attention to childhood, for many of us have experienced situations similar to those explored in the films on the programme this year. We can all testify to how difficult childhood and puberty can be, in most cases, for those who know they are different from the others.

At a key moment in the film Marvin ou la belle éducation, one of the characters says: “A coloured child is insulted at school (they call him a “dirty black”); he comes home, upset and sad, and his parents are there, they comfort and support him... He feels safe at home. A gay boy, on the other hand, is insulted in class, arrives home but does not find the same support; he is alone, there is no consolation, he may not even dare to mention it. A radical form of exile... Exiled from home, from our own family...” At this edition, we will remember that many gays never had a home as a refuge, nor a happy childhood. FIRE!! 2018 is devoted to all of them!

Joako Ezpeleta, Co-director of Mostra FIRE!!