of eden

Once more this year, the programme includes the section East of Eden, organised in cooperation with Casa Àsia.

The section opens on Thursday, May 30 at Cinemes Girona with Portraits of the Rainbow, a fascinating documentary on the rise of the LGBTI community in Japan as seen through the eyes of the famous fashion photographer Leslie Kee. The next day Friday, May 31, the programme continues at Cinemes Girona with the magnificent Song Lang, a film in which the singer and actor Leon Le introduces us to the universe of Cải lương, Vietnamese folk opera. The season ends at the French Institute with a brilliant film, Jeffrey Walker’s Riot, on the early days of the LGBTI movement in Australia in the early-1970s.


French Institute
13th of June, 10pm
16th of June, 4pm

Cinema Girona
30th and 31st of May, 8pm

Limited seating